Truffles: search experience & tasting menu

Truffles: search experience & tasting menu

The experience begins in a local winery of Castellón, where wines and delicious regional cheeses are tasted. From there, the group heads to the mountain with the guide, who explains the history of the place and how the family started the mycological business. The experience of looking for truffles with dogs trained in the Spanish bush is magical. They detect their scent and dig them up when an ordinary observer has difficulty even distinguishing truffles from stones. Watching them sniff out truffles, buried several inches below the surface, is truly unique.

The winter truffle season is from mid-November to the end of March; however, summer truffles are also found from the beginning of May to the end of August. Some are suitable for consumption and the spores of the others are used to promote the growth of new seasonal truffles. The dogs are rewarded at each encounter, so they await their prize and jump for joy at each finding. The treatment and recognition of his coach in front of each achievement are also very emotional. Sometimes they detect other fungi that also grow under the surface, but they have no gastronomic value or they can go after the trail of some little animal, after all, for them, it’s a game.

During our visit, the oldest dog was the most experienced and the youngest was learning tricks from her mother. They are crossbreed dogs of different special breeds to find this gastronomic treasure. The company has a staff of trained dogs for this task; they are undoubtedly the most pampered members of the family.

The day continues on the way to the restaurant with beautiful mountain views. There you can enjoy excellent gourmet dishes with the truffle as the protagonist, paired with excellent wines. The chef explained how each dish is composed and some secrets of its preparation.

In the restaurant you can buy truffles, different organic mushrooms and special products, to continue enjoying these finds at home and practice the chef’s tips. A local adventure that we will certainly never forget.

You can book the experience through Airbnb. The cost is 107 euros per person: Búsqueda de Trufas & Menú Degustación

Or alternatively, we share the phone number to make direct reservations without commissions, paying only 87 euros (WhatsApp +34 604362968).

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