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Must do in Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is one of the best beach destinations in the world in terms of cost-benefit relation. You can find 5-star hotels with incredible infrastructure and a premium level of service at really low prices. Its all-inclusive regime and its white sand beaches are ideal to enjoy your vacations with a cocktail in your hand from the moment you get up until you go to sleep, without worrying about anything. If what you need is to rest and relax after a year of strenuous work, the Dominican Republic is one of the best alternatives in the Caribbean Sea. We share the characteristics of the region and some tips to organize your next trip! The Dominican Republic shares the island with Haiti at the west, it limits at the north…

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Rarotonga – Bests things to do

The Cook Islands are a country located in the South Pacific, politically linked to New Zealand. The name is to honour Captain James Cook of the British Royal Navy who landed on these islands in 1773. The archipelago consists of 9 mountainous volcanic islands in the south and numerous low-lying atolls in the north, which together have an area of ​​236 km². The highest point is Te Manga (652 m) located on Rarotonga, the main island where Avarua -the capital of the country- is located. Rarotonga Island has a reef around its perimeter that protects the land from the force and pounding of the ocean. Between the beginning of the reef and the beaches, there is an oceanic lagoon area with abundant marine life, ideal for snorkelling and swimming. The…

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Best attractions in Belize

Belize is a country in Central America ideal for diving, its barrier reef is the second largest in the world, after Australia. Blue Hole is one of the top destinations for professional and amateur divers. Although you must be relatively experienced to face the challenge, because Blue Hole is made up of beautiful caves 40 meters deep and more, with strong currents, fishes, sponges, corals and sharks. They were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Belize is protected for its great biodiversity of flora and fauna. Three of the four coral reefs in the Western Hemisphere are found on the coast of Belize and near their 450 islets and islands known locally as "cayes." Belize's rugged geography has also made the coastline and jungle attractive to drug traffickers, who…

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Top 10 Things to Do in Rio de Janeiro

Once you get to know Brazil, you will fall in love with Brazilian culture, its people, its music and its gastronomy. If you like cocktails, you won't be disappointed. Once in Rio de Janeiro, when you visit its beautiful beaches, you will see carts with Brazilian bartenders who make the best caipirinhas and capetas of your life. They roll through the sand with their music and even with their wireless terminals, so you can pay them with a credit card. The rolling bars are followed by bees and tourists like us asking for one more caipi. The city of Rio de Janeiro was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In Brazil there is a pronounced gap between the upper class and the lower class, there is poverty but its…

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Must-visit attractions in Palawan

Palawan is the chosen island by the characters of the series La Casa de Papel to take refuge as fugitives after the robbery. Now we understand why: it's a truly incredible destination, its landscapes, lagoons and coasts will remain in your retina forever. Its beaches compete with the beauty of the Thai islands with the advantage that there are fewer tourists. On the other hand, the prices are more reasonable, which reinforces the convenience of choosing the Philippines and Palawan as vacation destiny. There are many attractions in the Philippines in distant points by boat or plane, so if you have a few days, you need to prioritize what activities and places interest you, it will not be possible to see everything in one trip. The Philippines are an archipelago…

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Discovering the world with CouchSurfing

Amandine Capuano is a Pre-School Teacher (30 years old) from Switzerland that has been travelling around the world using CouchSurfing and other similar platforms. Using this exchange program she has the possibility to know local cultures, to have free accommodations and live amazing experiences. She shares with us how is to live this adventure. Travelling is definitely my key to Happiness! In my opinion, one of the best ways to understand other cultures and be open-minded is to travel! Since I am young I have always been passionate about the idea of travelling. - When did you join the CouchSurfing community? Which advantages can you mention of this platform? It's been four years since I am part of this beautiful community and I absolutely love it. In my opinion, it's…

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Travel Insurance & Car rentals

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If you don't want to take the risk of having a health problem abroad without any type of medical coverage, we recommend you pay for an insurance policy that covers any unforeseen event. Most likely you won't need it, but we still suggest that you include health insurance in your budget. When you travel, it can happen that you drink contaminated local water -even without knowing it through ice on a cocktail-, probably you eat food in street stalls, you try the sushi or ceviche of the area, you eat undercooked meats, you practise some sport, climb a mountain or go diving. All these activities expose you to get sick, having an allergic reaction or simply slipping, which is why you may need health care, studies and/or medication. There are…

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Top 10 Things to Do in Zanzibar Island

The Zanzibar archipelago in the Indian Ocean has 3 islands: Unguja, Pemba and Mafia. Unguja is the main one, which is commonly known as Zanzibar. These islands were coveted throughout their history for their strategic position ideal for merchants who exchanged goods between Arabia, India and Africa. Its culture is a mixture, derived from the colonization by the Portuguese and British, as well as from the Persian and Arab merchants who passed through its coasts. These merchants, first Persians and then Arabs, called continental Tanzania Azania, 'Land of the Negroes', they trade especially spices, slaves and ivory, but eventually, they ended up founding colonies on the coasts. Zanzibar was the centre of the eastern slave trade between the 17th and 19th centuries. The British government prohibited the selling of slaves…

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Explore the magic of South Africa, best places to go

Due to the variety of tribes and social groups that you can find in the African continent, its incredible landscapes and animals, the diversity of mining, agricultural, fishing activities and its cultural identity, South Africa is certainly a unique destination. While planning your trip to South Africa we recommend reading Wilbur Smith books, the Ballantyne saga and the Courtney saga are an excellent start to learn and love the African continent, its history, its people and its mysteries. Once you discover the adventure novels of Wilbur Smith, we warn you that you will not stop reading. Keep in mind when organizing your trip that the distances are long, we recommend you to spend at least 15 days of your time so you can visit different attractions. South Africa's economy is…

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Best activities in Maldives

We must warn you that once you have being in the Maldives, no other beach will surprise you. The landscape is so incredibly beautiful that can be equaled but hardly beaten by other destination. In the organization of your trip, you must not only contemplate the flight to Malé -which is the capital- but also the cost of the speedboat or the seaplane flight to one of its hotel-islands. It's a Muslim country so keep that in mind if you stay on an island with residents, it will be forbidden to circulate in a bathing suit and drink alcohol (you can only wear a bathing suit on the fenced beaches for exclusive use of tourists). Muslim women bathe fully clothed, including wearing a hijab to hide their hair, for this…

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Travel with free accommodation!

You would love to travel but don't have budget right now? We have good news! There are several alternatives for you to travel around the world without paying for your stays. We present you a group of platforms with people, companies and organizations that can host you for free. We briefly tell you how they work so you can start planning your next trip, even with a very limited budget. FREE STAYS WITHOUT WORKING CouchSurfing ( is a platform for hosts around the world offering free accommodation for travelers. You simply have to complete your profile (with your personal data, tastes, lifestyle and occupation), choose your destination and contact your future hosts. When you get in touch, we suggest you introduce yourself, make a request for accommodation and coordinate with…

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What to Do in Bali & Lembongan – Top 10 Attractions

Clear water beaches, incredible temples, offerings to the gods, excellent massages and a very good gastronomy is what you are going to experience on a trip to Bali, the most popular destination of Indonesia. Bali is just 140 km in east-west length and 90 km from north to south. The mountainous area extends from the center of the island to its eastern side. The highest point of the island is Mount Agung with 3,142 m high, an active volcano that last erupted in March 1963. The island is surrounded by coral reefs, the beaches in the south are of white sand while the northern ones are with black sand. The hotel infrastructure is excellent, it offers different price alternatives for all types of travelers. It is very characteristic of Indonesia…

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New Zealand North Island – Best places to go
View from Taupo Lake Trail

New Zealand North Island – Best places to go

New Zealand is a really magical country with awesome landscapes, a beautiful community, a prosperous economy and one of the best's life quality in the world. You can see as soon as you get into the country that people are happy, smiling, they are so friendly, kind and open to tourists. Furthermore, you can see the Kiwis always live in contact with nature, going sailing, biking, doing trails, practicing sports, they separate their personal life from their works, they are not a stressful society, they take time to enjoy, to share with friends and family. You can see aged lovely couples with their house over the lake, with they own organic farm, their animals, living a peaceful perfect live surrounded by their loved ones. You feel really safe in this country,…

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Baggage check list

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When you go on a trip it’s essential to make the correct planning of your baggage. If you forget something that you need, probably you will lose one entire day of your holidays looking for the item in a new country, if you are able to find it. Besides the medicines are very expensive in other places and the pharmacies refuse to sell the drugs unless you have a valid prescription in their country, so avoid all those inconvenient situations taking with you all needed. Even if they are not valid in other countries, we recommend taking your prescriptions with you in case you must prove to the customs what kind of pills are you taking. When you are doing your travel bag, you need to keep in mind the…

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