Travel Insurance & Car rentals

Travel Insurance & Car rentals

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If you don’t want to take the risk of having a health problem abroad without any type of medical coverage, we recommend you pay for an insurance policy that covers any unforeseen event. Most likely you won’t need it, but we still suggest that you include health insurance in your budget. When you travel, it can happen that you drink contaminated local water -even without knowing it through ice on a cocktail-, probably you eat food in street stalls, you try the sushi or ceviche of the area, you eat undercooked meats, you practise some sport, climb a mountain or go diving. All these activities expose you to get sick, having an allergic reaction or simply slipping, which is why you may need health care, studies and/or medication.

There are destinations that will directly require it before the entrance because governments do not want to take care of your medical expenses if something happens, as is the case of the European Union. Nowadays many countries also require the obligation to have insurance that covers Covid 19. There are places where you can be treated for free, however in other countries like the United States, for example, medical expenses are really very elevated. If you need to have emergency surgery or hospitalization, your bill is probably equivalent to buy an apartment. You don’t want to take that risk? Ok, don’t travel without your insurance.

We share with you some alternative companies that provide this type of services. The coverages, limits and conditions are variable: type of medical emergencies, type of hospitalization, operations, consultations, practices, medications, coverage for lost luggage, hotel, flight and food costs for cancellations, robbery, coverage for rentals, for pets, cell phones, special for sports, repatriation, legal advice, civil liability, with or without coverage for pre-existing diseases, and others. Depending on the insurance you want to take, the conditions of your coverage will vary, so you must make the right decision according to your age, health needs and planned activities.

Europ Assistance

Assist Card

Allianz Care

IATI Insurance

Some insurance companies specialize in services aimed at nomads, people who travel all the year or who even experience the adventure of working in other countries. There are also plans for companies that have employees working remotely, with benefits for the number of group members. This type of plan contemplates not only emergencies but also the use of medical services for routine checks.


World Nomads


If you have signature or platinum credit cards, they include free basic travel assistance insurance. You can enter as a customer and print it from the platform of the card. Even if you rent a car, you will have to decline the insurance of the rental company, and your credit card free insurance will cover you. We clarify that for getting this benefit, you must pay the rental expenses with the card. Check with your issuing bank and credit card the conditions of the travel insurance and car rental insurance that you already have included for free.

If your card is not platinum or signature, don’t worry, you can take out the insurance offered by the rental company or get the insurance on your own with the same company of travel insurance.

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