Rarotonga – Bests things to do

The Cook Islands are a country located in the South Pacific, politically linked to New Zealand. The name is to honour Captain James Cook of the British Royal Navy who landed on these islands in 1773. The archipelago consists of 9 mountainous volcanic islands in the south and numerous low-lying atolls in the north, which together have an area of ​​236 km². The highest point is Te Manga (652 m) located on Rarotonga, the main island where Avarua -the capital of the country- is located. Rarotonga Island has a reef around its perimeter that protects the land from the force and pounding of the ocean. Between the beginning of the reef and the beaches, there is an oceanic lagoon area with abundant marine life, ideal for snorkelling and swimming. The…

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New Zealand North Island – Best places to go
View from Taupo Lake Trail

New Zealand North Island – Best places to go

New Zealand is a really magical country with awesome landscapes, a beautiful community, a prosperous economy and one of the best's life quality in the world. You can see as soon as you get into the country that people are happy, smiling, they are so friendly, kind and open to tourists. Furthermore, you can see the Kiwis always live in contact with nature, going sailing, biking, doing trails, practicing sports, they separate their personal life from their works, they are not a stressful society, they take time to enjoy, to share with friends and family. You can see aged lovely couples with their house over the lake, with they own organic farm, their animals, living a peaceful perfect live surrounded by their loved ones. You feel really safe in this country,…

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