Best activities in Maldives

Best activities in Maldives

We must warn you that once you have being in the Maldives, no other beach will surprise you. The landscape is so incredibly beautiful that can be equaled but hardly beaten by other destination. In the organization of your trip, you must not only contemplate the flight to Malé -which is the capital- but also the cost of the speedboat or the seaplane flight to one of its hotel-islands. It’s a Muslim country so keep that in mind if you stay on an island with residents, it will be forbidden to circulate in a bathing suit and drink alcohol (you can only wear a bathing suit on the fenced beaches for exclusive use of tourists). Muslim women bathe fully clothed, including wearing a hijab to hide their hair, for this reason consider that your nudity seriously offends their customs. If, on the other hand, you are staying on a tourist island, you will be able to wear your bikini or your zunga freely and also had a few drinks at the resort bar. In any case, it’s still a Muslim country so there is no flexibility with topless or drug use. To respect their culture, since even if you are in an island-hotel the employees are mostly local, avoid abusing the manifestations of love to your partner in public.

There are two travel options according to your budget: If this year your bank account does not reflect a very encouraging balance, don’t worry, you can get to know the Maldives even in a low cost version. The ideal in this case is to stay on an island with residents, where you will usually find many cheap alternatives for your stay. In any case, you can take day trips to the nearest hotel-islands, and be able to enjoy all its facilities without paying the USD1000 per night of accommodation (with a fee of USD100 they pick you up by speedboat and take you to have lunch and spend an incredible day at the island-hotel). If this year you save more money and you think you deserve to spend it on a unique experience, we suggest you to stay in an Overwater Villa. The luxury units built on stilt houses in the Indian Ocean are truly stunning. You will be able to brush your teeth and shower while looking at the ocean, your cabin probably has a glass floor that will allow you to appreciate beautiful fish of all colors under your feet and in some cases you can even have your own outdoor jacuzzi or private pool. It’s an expensive whim but once in a lifetime if you can, it is worth living it. There are some more remote hotel islands with affordable rates (USD380 per night), in that case the cost of the seaplane will be higher but if you stay several days it ends up being convenient.


Their meals are based on fish, rice and coconut, super healthy. The typical dish of the Maldives is fish curry. Others recommended foods to try are: Mashuni (tuna, coconut, chili, lemon and onion salad)/ Rihaakuru (tuna paste)/ Garudia (fish soup with rice, pepper and lemon)/ Kuli Boakiba (fish cake)/ Hedhikaa (tuna patty)/ Fish meatballs, ginger, onion and coconut/ Huni hakuru folhi (coconut cake, sugar & flour) and Masroshi (fish pancake). Available fruits: pineapple, banana, mango and papaya brought from Sri Lanka.


– Visit the different Atolls and beaches according to the island-hotel where you stay

– Beach Heaven, Male

– North Malé Atoll (corals for diving, moray eels)

– Sun island Beach (South Ari Atoll)

– Vaavu Atoll

– Mosques are simple, you can visit them if you have never seen a mosque but they are not worth much

– Excursions to Kandooma Holiday In, Rihiveli Resort, Fahilhohi Resort (you pay the resort fee and you spend one day in an island-hotel)

– Vaagali (mini island with bridge)

– Snorkeling, see turtles, dolphins and/ or sharks

– Go fishing

– Sailing on a catamaran

– Have lunch on sandbanks


– Alcohol is prohibited, it is only allowed on hotel islands, cruise ships and in the tourist bar at the airport. You cannot enter any type of alcohol, outside the hotels the possession of alcohol is punished.

– It’s recommended to cover shoulders and knees outside the islands-hotel

– The water is not drinkable, always consume bottled water.

Maldives is one of the richest Asian countries, however resources are concentrated in the upper classes and we can see poverty in some areas. Its economy is based on two main activities: fishing and tourism mainly from Europe (Italy, Germany and Great Britain), Singapore and Japan. The Islands are only 1.5 meters above sea level, so due to the melting of the ice and global warming, little by little they are being covered by water. Hurry to meet them!


VaccinesNot required
LanguageMaldivian or Dhivehi
CurrencyRufiyaa (Maldivian Rupee -MVR)
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TransportThe dhoni (motorboats), water taxis, local ferries (cheaper) or seaplanes to go to the 26 atolls with a total of 1200 islands. In general, the locals are located on certain islands and tourists & hotel complexes in others, exchange is not encouraged.
Temperature / Climate28 to 31 degrees. Rain is possible due to their humid tropical climate. From November to April is the best time to visit the islands, there is good weather and clear waters. Average altitude 1.5 meters above sea level. In 2004 there was a Tsunami.
ReligionIslamism-Indoaria Race
VisaFree tourist visa x 30 days
AirportIbrahim Nasir International Airport (MLE), located on Hululu Island, Malé
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PlugsType D / G 220 (Three rectangular legs on the same line and another perpendicular)
If you don’t have this type of plug in your country, don’t forget to bring your universal adapter.
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