Flight to Exuma – Bahamas

Flight to Exuma – Bahamas

This tour has so much to offer, it’s an experience that you will never forget. From Nassau you can go to Exuma in a boat, but the trip take so long and the boat sails in open sea so you probably feel seek and arrive later to the attractions. If you take the alternative private flight will be a bit more expensive, but the views from the little airplane are stunning. You can ask the pilot if you can sit in the front if you promise not to touch the control panel, and probably he can even give you some flight tips if you like to take control of the airplane for a couple of seconds.

The Exuma experience starts with the amazing airplane views, then jumping in a speed boat that takes you to the swimming pigs in Big Major Cay Island. Those adorable animals are used to the tourists and expect that you feed them, so take some bread, and they will love you. You can gently hold the baby pigs also. But I need to say that in our little group one of the guys was bitten by one pig so be careful. I think it was because he has a bread and didn’t give it to the pig, maybe he was waiting for him to jump, the pig get nervous and bit him pretty hard. Why are those pigs in this uninhabited island? The story saids that the pigs were left by the pirates in a trip, they left the animals to pick them up at the return, they probably drown and the pigs population growed up free on the island.

After the swimming pig attraction, you travel with the speed boat to the Northern Bahamian Rock Iguanas in Allen’s Cay. You need to take some apples and a couple of sticks to feed the iguanas, they don’t see very well and it’s better giving to them the apples in their mouth because they can’t digest the sand. Be gentle with those lizards, they are in risk of extinction.

The last step is going to Compass Cay to swim with the nurse sharks. Normally the guide throw some fish near you so they are around and you can see them closer. What did I do? I don’t know why, but I take the fish from the water and I wanted to feed them myself. They didn’t bite me because I was lucky but don’t do that because they can hurt you badly, it’s very risky. The tour guide scolded me for doing that.

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