Muri Beach Club Restaurant

Muri Beach Club Restaurant

The restaurant is inside the hotel complex which, in turn, has a massage and beauty spa service.

SETTING The decoration of the place has an excellent taste. The location is one of the best on the entire island. With the islets of Muri in front of the beach, the view is paradisiacal. The hotel has a beautiful swimming pool with lounge chairs. The internal space of the pool is framed by the mountains and has a very good selection of themes in its functional music.
SERVICE The bartenders and service staff are very friendly and helpful. Regarding the massage service, although it is not the objective of this post, it is regular, I do not recommend it.
FOOD & MENU In special events with a buffet or with starter, main course and dessert the meal it’s very good. However, the general menu on current days could improve. Plate decoration and styling are ok.
DRINKS Could be optimised, but cocktails are well-made, which is not often in Rarotonga.

TIMES The waiting times are adequate.
PRICE The price is a bit high for the Rarotonga average, but it is according to the level of establishment service.
GENERAL EXPERIENCE The overall experience is positive, the location is unbeatable, and the facilities are very nice. The hotel is designed for couples without children, groups of friends or people seeking tranquillity because it is not child-friendly. When we were in the middle of the pandemic in a totally unusual situation, when there were no tourists on the island, exceptions were made for children.

The establishment has kayaks and stand-up paddles. It is an excellent plan to go around the islets of Muri. If any local dogs see you, they will probably climb on the board and join the excursion. They love stand-up paddle rides. We must warn you that when they jump off the board to chase fish, they break the balance of the board, and you will fall too. However, it is worth the experience.

As a suggestion to the establishment, we would make different gastronomic proposals for the local public: Mexican night/ Tai night/ Sushi night. It is a small island, and the Rarotonga community values ​​new experiences, and the opportunity to make a different plan. In a year without tourists, it is time to entertain the local public.

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