Gourmet vinaigrettes to season salads

Gourmet vinaigrettes to season salads

The way we season our dishes is the key, a simple salad can become a gourmet dish. Here we go with a couple of ideas to spice up our days.


Vinaigrettes have a basic proportion that we must respect when emulsifying their components. The procedure to emulsify -integrate its ingredients-, is to start with the acid medium together with the flavourings and add the oil little by little as it is stirred vigorously. We must use a food processor when adding solid ingredients.

– 3 Parts oil / 1 part Vinegar

– 3 Parts oil / 2 parts Aceto

– 3 Parts oil / 3 parts Lemon


– Honey

– Mustard

– Winchester Sauce

– Tabasco

– Processed garlic

– Processed capers

– Processed anchovies

– Processed olives

– Tahini Sauce

– Soy sauce

– Tai Sauce

– Tamarind sauce

– Curry

– Coriander

– Parsley

– Basil

If instead of a vinaigrette I want to make a sauce, I can add Xantica Gum, which is a thickening agent.

The combination of honey and mustard is excellent. The combination of anchovy, capers, garlic, olives is also very tasty. We can add the flavouring agents we want to surprise our guests with new experiences and combinations.

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