Pork with dark beer sauce

Pork with dark beer sauce

This main dish is delicious and super easy to make. You will please your guests, this is one of those recipes that doesn’t fail. Let’s prepare it!


– 1/2 kg Pork Bondiola

– 1 kg Onions

– 1 kg Sweet potatoes

– 2 Red bell peppers

– 6 Cloves of garlic

– 700 ml Dark beer

– Salt, pepper, bay leaf and rosemary.

– 4 Tablespoons of honey (4 tablespoons of black sugar can be used as an alternative)


– Cut the bondiola into 2 cm thick steaks or 2×2 cm squares. Add salt and pepper.

– Seal the steaks in hot olive oil both sides.

– Cut the onions, bell peppers and sweet potatoes into 2x2cm squares.

– Sauté the onions, bell peppers and sweet potatoes in the wok until golden.

– Place the bondiola with the vegetables in the wok, and add the bay leaves, rosemary, chopped garlic and honey. Pour the black beer and reduce it in low heat.

– Done! Enjoy your pork with dark beer sauce!

In this case, we have also made garlic bread with gratin cheese. Instead of serving with sweet potatoes, you can accompany the pork with rice or mashed potatoes. If you have lager instead of dark beer, it will still be tasty. You can make this recipe in the oven if you prefer, paying attention so the pork does not dry out.

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