Ice Cream Bars

Ice Cream Bars

Made by the Pastry Chef Sol Arceo

Are you thinking of eating one of those gourmet ice cream bars that you love so much? What if you could do them by yourself? With this easy recipe we reveal the mysteries of the ice cream bars so you can surprise your children, your family and friends with this incredible dessert.


– 400gr Milk

– 200gr Cream

– 75gr Sugar

– 20gr Corn starch

– 150gr Flavoring of your choice (white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, dulce de leche (Argentina), caramel or condensed milk)


  1. Mix the starch with 50g of milk.
  2. Put the remaining milk, cream and sugar to the heat until it begins to boil on the edges of the pot (it’s not necessary to mix or beat at this time, just to warm it up).
  3. Add the starch hydrated with the milk and mix well, now we are going to beat constantly so it thickens evenly and does not burn on the bottom. Once it boils, cook for 1 minute without stopping beating.
  4. Remove from the heat and add the chosen flavor. If it is chocolate, add it chopped so that with the heat of the cream it melts and you can mix it well. The same with the dulce de leche (Argentina).
  5. Place in the chosen mold, if you do not have an Ice cream bar mold you can use cups. Add filling if you want and take to the freezer until firm and able to unmold.

Optional :

* Bathe it in chocolate or chocolate with chopped dried fruit

* Add pieces of fresh fruit, raisins, dried fruits

* Add M&M, mantecol (Argentina), chips, granas, oreo, brownie

* Flavor with nutella, peanut butter, fruit concentrates, essences, some liquor

* Fill with dulce de leche (Argentina), ganache or jam

* If you like your chocolate ice cream very intense, you can add a tablespoon of bitter cocoa from the beginning with the milk.

Enjoy your delicious Ice cream bars!

SOL ARCEO had study Professional Bakery & Pastry at the Gato Dumas School, she work as Tutor of Pastry and providing delicious cakes & chocolates for special events. Specialized in cake decorations, avant-garde chocolaterie, french pastry and nutrition. Follow Sol at Instagram and Facebook

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