Mamba Village

If you have a stopover in Nairobi, you won't be able to do much in the free shop and airport lounges. Without bringing your valuables, take advantage of that time to do some nearby activities. One of the places worth visiting is Mamba Village in Mombasa, the largest crocodile farm in Africa. You will be able to take some pictures with baby crocodiles in your arms, see how they feed the big ones, feed the ostriches, take a photo with the turtles and meet the snakes. You can also, if you wish, take a horse or a camel ride. The facilities have a restaurant with exotic dishes on their menu, made with crocodile, ostrich and zebra meat. The beaches of Mombasa are also very nice if you want to take…

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One of the activities you can do on a stopover in Nairobi is to go for an exotic meal at Carnivore, a well-known Kenyan restaurant. There you will be able to order a good wine with crocodile meat, venison, pork or beef. AMBIENCE Considering that we were in Kenya, the setting is acceptable. The waiters have colorful costumes. Outside, the tables facing the garden are more pleasant but surrounded by mosquitoes, and as we decided not to take malaria pills due to their adverse effects, we decided to sit inside the restaurant. SERVICE Their staff is very friendly, always smiling and attentive to customer needs. MENU & FOOD We expected more, but we liked to try game meats anyway. The crocodile meat was undercooked, it seemed to have been reheated…

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Prision Island & Giant Tortoises – Changuu – Zanzibar

If you decide to spend a vacation in Zanzibar, it is worth spending half a day to get to know this small island. Changuu functioned as a prison and as a quarantine centre, where they located all the yellow fever patients so they did not infect the healthy population. The island is only 800 meters long by 230 meters at its widest point. The British Prime Minister of Zanzibar, Lloyd Mathews, bought the island in 1893 and built a prison complex to send rebellious prisoners and slaves. The island also functioned as a coral mine, which was highly sought after due to its solidity. Corals are part plant, part animal, and part rock. The plant component of coral (algae) needs to photosynthesize like all the plants to generate oxygen and…

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Masai tribe at Zanzibar & Kenia

In Zanzibar, we had the incredible experience of meeting various exponents of the Masai tribe. How? Simply talking with them on the beach and going to lunch where they normally eat. We went with the Masai group to eat at a restaurant where they usually meet at the north of Zanzibar, Tanzania, we ate with our hands and drank from a shared jar with dark water that had been previously boiled. In their beginnings, they were a nomadic tribe of warriors and shepherds mainly located in Tanzania and Kenya. Even today they keep many of their habits, rituals and initiation ceremonies. Its activity is mainly livestock (goats, cows and sheep). Many of them are semi-nomadic, they change places so their animals can graze on different lands. They live with cattle…

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Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre – South Africa

Several factors threaten the subsistence of African animals: climate change, droughts, pollution, cutting down of natural spaces to develop arable land, illegal hunting, poisoning of felines by ranchers and the high demand for wild species due to different beliefs. The excessive growth of the population favours the advance of the settlements on the green spaces also affects the loss of the natural habitats for several species. Unfortunately, day by day, many animals are hunted, killed and/or injured. In this context, Moholoholo deals with rescuing injured animals, predators that hunt sheep or cows, or sick animals in order to protect, heal, feed them and promote their reproductive conditions. The donations of visitors who come to this rehabilitation centre help the organization to implement rescues, maintain the facilities and buy food for…

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Tour & Tasting at Holden Manz Vineyard

The Franschhoek Valley in South Africa is full of nice wineries and surrounded by beautiful mountains. To take a walk through the vines, try some exquisite international dishes and have a wine tasting, do not hesitate to drive a few kilometres from Cape Town to discover this beautiful corner of South Africa. We chose the Holden Manz winery and the experience was very positive. The food was excellent, the wines too and the views were really stunning. The establishment also has a boutique hotel that worth a visit. The winery produces mainly Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Syrah and Merlot, which they sell not only within South Africa but also to Europe and to the United States. They also produce rosé and white wines: Chardonnay, Chenin and some blends.

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Ostrich Farm & Craft Cider Factory – South Africa

We had never visited an ostrich farm before so we were very excited to discover one near Cape Town, where you can not only visit the establishment and learn more about these animals, but you will also be able to try ostrich recipes and visit its factory of exquisite beers & artisan ciders. The facilities also have a reptile rehabilitation centre, which you can also visit. The dishes are delicious, we were really surprised by the ostrich fillets, very tasty, it is considered red meat but it has very little cholesterol. Besides, the chef accompanied the dish with sauces and vegetables that perfectly highlighted the particular flavours of this type of meat. Our congratulations! We tell you what the experience is like: The walk begins by feeding those animals…

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Kruger National Park safari – South Africa

You can't visit South Africa without going to the Kruger National Park. It is a truly amazing experience to discover the Big Five in their natural environment: the lion, the leopard, the rhino, the elephant and the buffalo. Giraffes and hippos are pretty big also but they were left out of the ranking. You have three main options for visiting the park: going with your own vehicle and circulate freely on the roads; hire a private guide and take him in your car: or take an excursion. Some vehicles for the safaris are double height without roof, others are smaller 4x4 also able to do offroad. You can rent your own 4x4 to make offroad yourself, but if something happens anyone will come to solve the problems that may arise.…

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