Don Pedro

Don Pedro

This cocktail was born in Argentina, it’s a combination of a drink with a dessert. The balance between the flavour of whiskey and ice cream with the texture of walnuts is incredible. It’s worth a try!


– 1 measure and a half of Scotch whisky

– 200 gr. Vanilla ice cream

– 5 Walnuts


– Pour the ice cream and the Scotch into the blender to process and mix it well.

– Serve it in a whisky glass. In this case we don’t have one, so we use others… it will not change the flavor.

– Chop the walnuts and add them to the top of the drink without mixing.

– Voila! Enjoy it!

To make cocktails you don’t have to use your Johnie Walker black or blue label, save these bottles to drink them on the rocks. A decent scotch will be ok. Bourbons are not ideal in this case either because they are already sweets by themselves, the contrast of sweet ice cream with the taste of Scotch is definitely better. We warn you that after you appreciate the difference between ice cream alone and ice cream with Whisky, you won’t be able to have a vanilla ice cream alone without feeling that you are missing something…

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