Frozen Mojito

Frozen Mojito

The Frozen Mojito is a typical drink of Cuba, but it’s also part of the culture of all the Caribbean countries, and you can find it all over the world. It’s a very easy to make drink, tasty and refreshing. 


– 2 Measures of rum 

– 1 Measure of lemon or lime 

– 2 Tablespoons of sugar 

– 6 Leaves of mint 

– Double the volume with ice 

– Use a blender to mix it 

– Garnish with mint 

– Enjoy it! 

To make the classic version of the cocktail, you need to muddle the mint leaves with the sugar, then you add the rum, the lemon, chopped ice and ready to drink! 

We send you the link of the video to see all the steps in the preparation:

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