Mai Tai

This drink was born in California, United States, in honour of the Tahitian friends of the creator bartender. The friends responded to the drink with a "Maitai roa" which in Tahiti means The Best! It's very tasty and quite strong, so drink it slowly. Let's prepare it! INGREDIENTS - 30% White rum - 30% Aged rum - 20% Triple Sec or Cointreau - 20% Squeezed lime juice - 1 Teaspoon grenadine - 1 Teaspoon of almond syrup or Amaretto - Crushed ice - 1 slice of lime, mint or cherries to decorate PREPARATION We upload the recipe in percentages for you to handle the amounts according to the size of the glass you use. Long drink glasses are professionally used for this drink but at home, you can use the…

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Classic daiquiri

Daiquiri is a typical Cuban drink. Its consumption has spread to the US, to all Central America and then, to the rest of the world. Its classic version is with lemon but it can be made with strawberries, peaches, mango, pineapple or red fruits. It's a very versatile and summery drink. Surely you already know it but if you have never tried it yet, you should. Let's go for it! INGREDIENTS - 1 Measure and a half of white rum - 1 Measure of squeezed lemon (or lime) - 2 Tablespoons of sugar - Crushed ice PREPARATION - Place all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker - Shake vigorously to mix everything and let the ice cool the drink. Another alternative is to make it frozen, putting the rum, lemon…

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Piña Colada

The piña colada is a cocktail of Puerto Rico, creamy, Caribbean and sooo good. Today you can order it in almost every bar in the world, it is associated with the beach, the summer, palm trees, coconuts, almost that with a drink you can feel the sand under your feet. What are you waiting to make a delicious piña colada at home? Here we go with the recipe! - 100 ml White rum (if you have coconut rum, is ok too) - 60 ml Coconut milk - 100 ml Pineapple juice - A slice of natural pineapple - Ice - Put all the ingredients in a blender - Decorate with a piece of pineapple or carambola - And enjoy your piña colada! Some bartenders include two tablespoons of coconut cream…

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Frozen Mojito

The Frozen Mojito is a typical drink of Cuba, but it's also part of the culture of all the Caribbean countries, and you can find it all over the world. It's a very easy to make drink, tasty and refreshing.  RECIPE OF FROZEN MOJITO  - 2 Measures of rum  - 1 Measure of lemon or lime  - 2 Tablespoons of sugar  - 6 Leaves of mint  - Double the volume with ice  - Use a blender to mix it  - Garnish with mint  - Enjoy it!  To make the classic version of the cocktail, you need to muddle the mint leaves with the sugar, then you add the rum, the lemon, chopped ice and ready to drink!  We send you the link of the video to see all the steps…

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Dragon Sour

This is a new creation inspired in Rarotonga, Cook Islands, a beautiful island in the Pacific Ocean. RECIPE: - 2 measures of Coconut Rum. - 1/2 Dragon fruit. - 2 Tablespoons of sugar. - 1 and a half measure of lime or lemon. - Ice. - Use a blender to mix it - Garnish with Dragon Fruit. - Enjoy! You can make the recipe with a purple flesh Dragon Fruit to have a more colorful cocktail result.

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