Iguana skin

Iguana skin

Iguana skin is a cocktail made with vodka and melon liqueur, that gives a refreshing flavor. Midori is the most famous melon liqueur, originally from Japan.

– 30% Vodka

– 50% Sprite

– 20% Melon Liqueur

(you can exchange the melon liqueur for a kiwi liqueur to have another variant of the drink, equally delicious and green).

– You can decorate the drink with a slice of kiwi

It is a direct drink, which means that you make it directly in the glass where you are going to drink it, without any shaking or processing procedure.

Vodka is produced by fermenting cereals and other starchy plants such as rye, wheat, beets or potatoes. Potatoes? Yes, you read correctly … you can make good vodka with potatoes.

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