White Lady

White Lady

This drink was born in London, United Kingdom but today it is a classic of international mixology. Elegant and sophisticated, it’s the perfect aperitif for a unique evening. If you never tried it before, don’t miss it. Let’s do it together!


– 70% Gin

– 10% Cointreau or Triple Sec

– 20% Squeezed lemon juice

– 2 Tablespoons of sugar (ideal if you have previously made syrup)

– Cherry or lemon twist for decoration

– 1 Egg white (optional)


– Ideally, you should first make the syrup with the same proportion of sugar and water over the fire until sugar dissolves. This syrup will be useful for all your cocktails! If you don’t want to make the syrup, it’s best to use icing sugar, it dissolves better in the drink and does not remain at the bottom of the glass.

– Place all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake the preparation to cool down the cocktail, serve it, garnish with cherry or lemon peel, and drink it immediately. This drink is served in a cocktail glass.

– Some bartenders add an egg white to make it creamier and this is really a great improvement. If you want to do it this way you should use a blender and process the ingredients until the whites are foamy.

– Enjoy your White Lady!

Gin is produced by fermenting and distilling corn, barley or rye. Later, it’s flavored with juniper berries.

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