Toa Moana Beach House

Toa Moana Beach House

Toa Moana is a two-bedroom Airbnb rented house in Rarotonga, Cook Islands. A few meters from the house you can find a passage with turtles, rays and thousands of fish of different colors. You have to be very careful and visit the passage only at low tide because the currents are very strong and can drag you into the open ocean, even with flippers it’s extremely difficult to compensate the strengh of nature.

INSTALLATIONS The house has two rooms with double beds, a full kitchen, a bathroom/laundry room, a large living room with ocean views and a beautiful deck also with an incredible view. The height of the construction is optimal to have the best possible perspective over the ocean. On the ground floor, we can find a table and armchairs to place on the lower deck. The place also has a hairdryer, TV, DVD, Bose Bluetooth speaker, gas barbecue, blender, electric kettle and toaster. There is a hard drive with movies which is highly valued since in Rarotonga streaming is very expensive because there is no free Internet. From both rooms, you can see the sea: one directly and the other through the living room.

The kitchen is provided with everything you need to cook, plates, roasters, bowls, glasses, grater, pots and more.

The accommodation has air conditioning in both rooms, two libraries full of excellent books to read, snorkelling equipment and two kayaks. There are several sets of towels for both beach and shower and linen.

DECORATION The decoration is excellent. When you arrive, the unit has beautiful floral bouquets of local plants that really looks like a postcard.

LOCATION This accommodation is located in the Vaimanga area, one of the best beaches on the Island together with Muri. 8 blocks away you can find a supermarket open 24 hours with ice-creams, fruits, vegetables and fresh fish. There is also a restaurant and as we mentioned at the beginning, is near to the best snorkelling spot on the entire island.

SERVICES Cleaning service is included in the price of the stay. In addition, the staff always gives you fresh fruits, bananas, papayas, avocados, chillies, and local organic lemons.

When you arrive the accommodation awaits you with coffee, earl grey tea, sugar and various condiments. A very good welcome gesture that is also appreciated.

ATTENTION Sometimes they take a while to come for you to pay but the attention and disposition of the owners and staff are very good.

PRICE The price is high, but adequate for the level of the offered service. The only thing we can criticize is that we had expressly agreed that the price of the electricity service was included, however after a few months they came with an electricity bill. As the government stopped subsidizing electricity, they stopped covering it, which we understand but it is not correct to change the contracting conditions unilaterally without prior notice to the guest.

GENERAL EXPERIENCE The experience of staying at Toa Moana is truly 5 stars. Living in front of the sea, having breakfast, lunch and dinner looking at the Pacific, is priceless. Even on cloudy days with a thunderstorm, you can enjoy the ocean from this privileged place.

As a suggestion to the establishment particularly in a pandemic context, the ideal texture to disinfect the surfaces of the couches would be leatherette. To make it look more cozzy, we would use washable light grey covers over the couches. The same criteria would apply to the chairs: easy to disinfect leatherette with a clear washable cover to match the couches. We would also add mosquito nets to the windows, which would save expenses in the use of the air conditioning and protect guests from mosquitoes. This is particularly important considering that in the Cook Islands there are Denge, Zika and Chikungunya Fever. Regarding the equipment, just because we were there for many months, we would add a cake mold, a bread mold, a mixer and a blender to be able to make cakes, mousses, soufflés, olive paste, etc.

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