Basted stuffed chicken

Basted stuffed chicken

Is the breast dry? No, we dry it when we overcook it, the breast is juicy if it is at the correct cooking point. It’s very important in this type of cuts, to be attentive to the cooking times.


– 2 Half chicken breasts


– 1 Onion

– 15 gr. Parsley

– 100 gr. Ham

– 100 gr. Mozzarella

– 2 gr. Paprika

– 1 gr. Chili

– 1 Clove of garlic

– Pine nuts, chopped almonds (optional)


– 60 ml Soy sauce

– 80 ml Honey

– 50 gr. Sugar

– 30 gr. Hot chili

– 100 gr. Apple juice


– Sauce: Cut the chili into small pieces, mix with the rest of the ingredients and reduce until it has a point of sauce.

– Filling: Brown the onion. Process all the ingredients of the filling except for the parsley and onion. Integrate everything. If you want, you can add pine nuts and / or cut almonds.

– Make a “pocket” cut in the center of each half breast, gently to avoid cutting the other end and the edges.

– Fill the breasts carefully, leaving the last part free to close with a toothpick. The goal is to touch one end to the other end of the chicken so, when the proteins coagulate, the breast seals.

– Bake the chicken between 18 and 22 minutes according to its size at 180 degrees.

– Cut into portions, place the sauce on top and serve.

– It can be served with a salad, creamy potatoes, rice pilaf or a vegetable panache.

– Enjoy your stuffed breasts!

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