Focaccia is a delicious recipe of Italian origin, optimal to complete the basket of bread as an appetizer. Let’s do it!


– 500 gr. Flour

– 325 cm3 Water

– 13 gr. Salt

– 20 gr. Yeast

– 50 gr. Olive Oil

– 100 gr. Olives

– 20 gr. Fresh rosemary


– Form a crown with the dry ingredients.

– Mix the liquid ingredients and place them in the center of the crown.

– Knead into a smooth bun.

– Add the olives and continue kneading until they are incorporated. Let stand 15 minutes.

– Place on an oiled plate and leave covered in a hot sector until doubled in size. Make holes with your fingers where you can place more olives.

– Bake until golden brown.

– Enjoy your focaccia!

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