Made by the Pastry Chef Sol Arceo

Scones are a classic recipe in English and Scottish pastry. They can be eaten alone, with butter, jam, dulce de leche or better, with ham and cheese. They are a very versatile dish to enjoy for breakfast, after lunch with coffee or in the afternoon as a snack.

INGREDIENTS (15 units of 8cm)

– 500gr Multi-purpose flour

– 15gr Baking powder

– 200gr Cold butter

– 150gr Sugar

– 1 Egg

– 100ml Milk

– 1 Pinch of salt

– 1 Dash of vanilla essence

– Extra: egg and sugar to paint.


– Weigh all the ingredients.

– Place the flour, the baking powder, the sugar, the salt and the cold butter in a bowl. Mix it with the hands until you get a sand texture.

– Hydrate with the egg, the essence and the milk.

– Integrate without kneading excessively to avoid the development of gluten and prevent them from deforming during the cooking process.

– Roll out the dough until 1cm thick.

– Cut with 8cm round cutter, or whatever size you have.

– Put on a plate prepared with vegetable spray.

– Paint with egg. It can also be sprinkled with sugar (optional).

– Cook in a medium oven preheated at 170 ° C until golden.

– Done! Enjoy some delicious scones!

You can add raisins, wheat or oat bran, chocolate chips, seeds, dried cranberries, or citrus zest to this basic recipe to make it even more gourmet. If you would like to present a greater variety at your event, you can divide the dough and add different flavors to each half.

SOL ARCEO has studied professional Bakery and Pastry at the Gato Dumas School, she works as a Pastry tutor and provides delicious cakes & chocolates at special events. She specializes in cake decorating, avant-garde chocolaterie, French pastry and nutrition. Follow Sol on Instagram and Facebook.

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