Advantages of a good massage

Advantages of a good massage

Massages can be both stimulating and relaxing. In addition to the benefits of receiving a massage, if we consider the beneficial effects of essential oils, the result will be even better. It’s an excellent gift for your partner or for yourself!

– They reduce tension and pain caused by muscle contractures.

– They stimulate blood circulation, muscle tone and flexibility of the body.

– They stimulate the lymphatic system and the elimination of toxins, fats and retained liquids.

– They favor the immune system, because they increase lymphocytes.

– They help to balance blood pressure.

– They reduce anxiety, depression and premenstrual syndrome.

– They improve headaches caused by muscle tension.

– They improve tissue oxygenation and skin tone.

– They help fight against insomnia, since they favor the production of melatonin -the hormone that induces sleep-.

– They help to cope with injuries due to their anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.

– They help in the stress control, because they reduce cortisol.

– Helps reduce bruxism.

– They alleviate discomfort after operations, in cancer and addiction treatments.

– They improve the ability to concentrate, as they stimulate various areas of the brain.

– They improve self-esteem and increase the feeling of well-being due to the fact that they encourage the production of endorphins.

What are you waiting for? You deserve a good massage!

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