On The Beach -OTB-

On The Beach -OTB-

AMBIENCE The OTB esthetic is very nice. With an island-style, thatched roof, nice tables and chairs. The tables are covered by white tablecloths, with cloth napkins, decorated with blue led lights inside bottles, double cutlery service for the entrance, the main course and the dessert.

The sunset over the sea and the pool lit up at night complete a unique atmosphere. The music in this case for the Easter celebration was live Jazz. Extraordinary selection of songs and performance of the musician.

SERVICE The waiters, bartender and mâitre are always attentive to the table, helpful and smiling.

FOOD & MENU The starter was a delicious selection of fresh sashimi with avocado, salad, soy and wasabi, just perfect. One of the main dishes we ordered was crispy pork with sweet potato croquette on a vegetable mattress, delicious. The other was fish, also with breaded sweet potato croquette, steamed vegetables and coriander.

The dessert was a very tasty coconut cake with ice cream and red berries. The OTB menu has variants for all tastes: meat, pasta, fish, seafood and vegan food. Very professional.

DRINKS It’s one of the few places on the island where you can have good cocktails. They offer an excellent selection of wines. The wine we ordered on this occasion was a rosé that perfectly accompanied the fish and a black beer to pair with the pork. Optimal products and correct service temperature.

TIMES Waiting time for the table did not exist because the island is closed to tourism and we always reserve. The serving times for food and drinks were correct.

PRESENTATION The decoration and styling of the dishes is very good. The professional level of the chefs is appreciated.

PRICE The price is appropriate for the level of service. Perhaps we would suggest making special prices on the second cocktail to improve the upselling.

GENERAL EXPERIENCE The level of the restaurant is remarkable. With the selection of live bands and shows, the alternatives offered by the menu, the quality of wines and cocktails, OTB is one of the best restaurants in Rarotonga. Our congratulations to their owners!

The only suggestion we can make, which is more a matter of personal taste, would be to change the floor of the restaurant for light grey wood-like porcelain tiles. The sand is nice for noon when you are on the beach. However, after you shower and perfume yourself to go to dinner at night, burying your shoes in the sand is not ideal. In addition, the sand retains bacteria and humidity, which attracts more mosquitoes. Perhaps other people perceive the sand as something positive, in fact, it gives the place an island-style but as we said, it is a matter of taste. Due to the global pandemic situation when the borders open, unfortunately, cloth napkins should be replaced by disposable ones.


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