Fish with caper butter sauce

Fish with caper butter sauce

This recipe is delicious and you can prepare it in a few minutes. It will look great with any fish you get in your area.


– 4 Fish fillets

– 8 Tablespoons of capers

– 100 gr Butter

– 200 gs. Shrimp

– 1/2 kg. Potatoes

– Parsley, salt and pepper.


– Salt and pepper the fillets and shrimp. Don’t overuse the salt because the capers are already salty (maybe it’s best to taste the fish with the caper butter sauce before salting, it probably doesn’t need more salt).

– Cook the fillets and shrimp in a very hot non-stick skillet with olive oil. It’s always important not overcooking the fish so it doesn’t dry out. If it is tuna posts for example, if you wish, you can leave them raw in the middle and they will be even tastier.

– In a saucepan, heat the butter with the capers, until it reaches the boiling point.

– Prepare the garnish, which can be boiled potatoes seasoned with olive and parsley, a salad with your favourite vegetables, rice with onions and garlic, whatever you prefer.

– Serve the garnish, the fish with shrimp and pour the butter with capers on top.

– Done! Now you can enjoy an exquisite and easy dish!


We suggest accompanying this dish with a good Sauvignon Blanc that will highlight the flavors of fish and shrimp, to make the experience even more sublime.

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