Do you miss hotel breakfasts? Does it put you in a good mood to start the day with a delicious breakfast? If the answer is yes, why wait for the next vacation to eat your favorite breakfast? Learn how to make these delicious omelettes and start the day with a lot of energy.


– 3 Eggs

– 1/2 Onion

– Cheese and ham to taste

– Green to decorate

– Salt and pepper

– Olive Oil

– Optional: Red, green or yellow bell pepper, mushrooms, eggplant, garlic, shallot, tomato concase. You can add the ingredients of your preference.


– Cut the ingredients into brunoise (small pieces). It’s very important that you cut the vegetables into small pieces so the cooking is simultaneous to the coagulation of the egg. The ham and cheese may be slightly larger.

– Beat the eggs together with the ingredients in a bowl.

– Pour all the preparation into a pan with a little pre-heated olive oil.

– When you see that the bottom is cooked, fold the sides towards the centre. The traditional French recipe is served in a Babé point (that is, the inside of the omelette not 100% cooked). But if you like it well cooked, you can turn it over to cook it on both sides with the help of a plate.

– It’s ideal to serve your omelette with cherry tomatoes and green leaves to give a fresh touch to your dish. If you like spicy, you can also season it with chilis.

– Enjoy your omelette!

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