Onion soup Vichyssoise

Onion soup Vichyssoise

A classic of French cuisine. Let’s make a delicious onion soup!


– 300 gr Onions in round

– 500 cm3 Poultry or beef broth

– 50 gr. dark Roux (25 gr. butter + 25 gr. flour)

– 30 gr. Butter

– 50 cm3 White wine

– 200 gr. Baguette

– Gruyère cheese

– Salt and pepper


– Brown the onion in a saucepan with the butter until they take a good color.

– Deglaze with white wine. After the alcohol evaporates, add the poultry or beef broth.

– Reduce to concentrate the flavor.

– Add the dark roux to thicken, stirring constantly. The roux is made with butter and flour in equal parts over low heat until the flour cooks. However, it’s removed from the heat frequently so it can be stirred better to avoid lumps. The dark roux cooks a little longer than the light roux, until getting a golden color.

– Season with salt and pepper.

– Gratin the bread with the cheese in the oven to accompany the soup.

– Done, enjoy this excellent preparation!


– To thicken a liter of soup, use 60 to 80 gr. of roux.

– To thicken a liter of sauce, use 100 to 120 gr. of roux.

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